Five Stars Date: 2017-03-21
Sound amazing but wish it was more comfortable
Great quality average battery life Date: 2017-03-20
She solid headphones, very easy to pair to the phone and each bus pair together. Sound quality is good and the headphones themselves are made well. The protective case is a great addition as well, battery is only 4 hours.
5 stars except for the cutting out Date: 2017-03-20
They are incredibly easy to connect to my phone. They worked fine in my house with no cutting out like I have read in other reviews. However, today when I wore them at the gym they constantly would cut in and out the entire time I was there (1.5 hours). The phone was literally 2 feet from the ear buds so distance was not a factor. It really bums me out because everything else about these earbuds is great. Ease on connecting to a device, battery life, and sound quality are great, but unfortunately the cutting out really makes these things almost unusable. I just got em too.
Love these Wireless Earbuds! Date: 2017-03-20
I Love these! I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality of these earbuds. They are comparable to my wireless Beats which were triple the price. These have a little more bass but the Beats are clearer. The biggest difference is that fact that these are also completely wireless. I bought these as a backup for when my Beats run out of battery. There is nothing like being on the treadmill and all of a sudden without music. Now I have s backup. I especially like the over the ear hook on these. That's one of the things I also liked about my beats. The hook keeps the earbuds from gradually working out of your ears like some other earbuds that you just stick in your ear. One downside was that during the first use the left and right earbuds would randomly drop out and resume. I guess this is part of the buds pairing to each other for stereo sound. It hasn't happened since the first use. I Highly recommend!
Five Stars Date: 2017-03-20
Most excellent sound. Handy.
Great Product Date: 2017-03-20
WOW. These headphones are so awesome. They are perfect for working out. Normally, earbuds don't stay in my ears very well but these lock in place and the part that wraps around the ear helps keep them in place during high intensity workouts. The sound is also AMAZING! They have a very full breath of sound; very strong bass and powerful highs.
Great for exercise Date: 2017-03-19
These work very well, and they stay on my ears during exercise. I wish I could remember what all the buttons do. I'm happy with these.
Stopped working Date: 2017-03-19
It was good until my left earpiece stopped working out of nowhere. Emailed customer service to see if I can fix it but all they said was thanks for your support and will continue to try to improve. Okkkkk.
Easy, simple and reliable at a great price Date: 2017-03-19
Great product. The normal earbuds usually fall out of my ears so when I saw these I just had to try it. I saw the review of this product comparing it to Apples Airpuds and they got great review for cheaper alternative. When I got them couple of days ago I had to try them out to see how good they were. AMAZING!!! I never leave my phone so range is no problem for me. The buds come with 3 sizes (S, M and L) can't go wrong with that. Very comfortable and the sound is great. Very simple and easy setup system. I'm sure even less technical people shouldn't have a problem setting this up. I don't use headsets a lot, but when I will need to I will have these. I totally recommend them to anyone who is looking for cheaper alternative or fit over the ear like me.
Four Stars Date: 2017-03-18
Very good product. Easy to use.
I love my headphones! Date: 2017-03-17
Amazing product and rare(nowadays) and prompt customer service. I'm overly satisfied and overly impressed. Thanks Axgio!
Sound quality great and convenient Date: 2017-03-15
First off, love the convenience of having truly wireless earbuds. Second, easy to pair, and third, their sound quality is quite impressive, not even just considering their price. Also comes with a carrying case, a total of three different sets of ear tips, and a cable that contains USB 2.0 on one side and dual micro USB on the other. These also have a hard time falling out of your ears due to the hook design. Love them and love the price.
Four Stars Date: 2017-03-15
Best buds I bought so far , believe me I have bought a few
Excellent product and easy to install Date: 2017-03-15
Excellent product and easy to install. It is comfortable in your ear and tone is good. I think it is a wonderful product given the price.
SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!! Date: 2017-03-13
Simply amazing just got mines in the mail 2 minutes if that to set up and sound sonclear and bass is on point!!!!!!!
Five Stars Date: 2017-03-12
Amazing, sound quality is perfect. Easy to pair as well!!!
Great sound. Not dynamic enough for cellphone use. Date: 2017-03-12
These small headphones had great sound. The downfall was the Bluetooth functionality along with music and apps such as snapchat or Spotify. Sometimes I could only hear things on snapchat with music in the background or not hear either or have to completely close my music app to listen on facebook or snapchat without having background music playing at the same volume. They don't function top notch in terms of handling multiple apps and music/sound platforms but the sound quality and volume is definitely there. Just wish they functioned as well as WIRED headphones while looking as cool and as good as they do... One day!
pretty great Date: 2017-03-12
These are pretty great. They definitely sound better than the crappy Apple headphones that come with iPhones. Not having a wire attached is wonderfully freeing. I do get worse battery life on my phone from having bluetooth on all the time, but that's to be expected. Sound quality is good and the pairing process is easy. I only had an issue on my first try. I really wanted a pair of bluetooth headhphones but earbuds fall out of my ear very easily. The ear hook is very comfortable and makes them stay right where I put them. Overall, great product.
They sell themselves Date: 2017-03-11
Best Bluetooth headphones I have ever bought. Best sound quality for headphones that cost under 200$. My friend used my pair for a for a days and he order a parody these bad boys and returned his wireless beats 2.
Great.. Date: 2017-03-11
Great.. especially for the price.