AXGIO Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad Qi Charger for Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/S6 Edge+/Note 5 and More Qi Compatible Phones

Price: $10.99 $49.99
Bullet Points
  1. Increased charging speed for Fast Charge devices, charge your devices up to 1.4X faster than standard wireless charging (Requires adaptive fast charger or a charger with QC 2.0)
  2. Two charging speed options, the charger works with any Qi-enabled smartphone and supports the Fast Charge feature with Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge/ S6 Edge+/ Note 5
  3. Sleep-friendly, soft and no glaring status indicator is red when you are not charging anything, turns blue when charging and purple once fully charged
  4. A solid, compact and light-weight charging pad measures 3.7 by 3.7 by 0.35 inches (HWD) and weighs 1.8 ounces; also has a smooth surface with a rubber ring for grip
  5. Package content: AXGIO Empower (Fast charge wireless charging pad), Micro USB cable, quick start guide, 18 months warranty and friendly customer serveries

Make device charging wirelessly and conveniently with AXGIO Empower Qi Charging Pad, and you never see anyone fumbling with a wire to plug in a device. It features the latest fast wireless charging tech for selected Samsung smartphones.

Increased charging speed for Fast Charge devices
Charge your devices up to 1.4X faster than standard wireless charging (Requires adaptive fast charger or a charger with QC 2.0) 

Two charging speed options
The charger works with any Qi-enabled smartphone for standard rate and supports the Fast Charge feature with Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge/ S6 Edge+/ Note 5

Inductive Wireless charging
Free you from daily plug-in and just pop your phone on the pad to charge, with the charger your device is always accessible so you can use more fractional time to charge

Soft and no glaring status indicator is red when you are not charging anything, turns blue when charging and purple once fully charged, no need to find the court in the dark to recharge

Solid, compact and light-weight charging pad
Measures 3.7 by 3.7 by 0.35 inches (HWD) and weighs 1.8 ounces; also has a smooth surface with a rubber ring for grip

Package Include:
1x Wireless Charging Pad; 
1x Micro-USB Charging Cable (The length is 3.3ft and does not include wall charger); 
18 months product warranty and friendly customer services
Note:Protective phone case is recommended to take off when charging
Input: 5V/2A or 9V/1.67A
Output: 5V/1A or 9V/1.3A
Work frequency: 110 KHz-205 KHz
Charging distance: less than 5mm
Size: 95mm*95mm*10mm
Weight: 50g
Not reliable...frustrating. Date: 2017-02-17
I bought 2 of these. One to put on my desk, one for my bedside table. Both are not very reliable. They will be charging and then stop charging even though nothing has changed. Some mornings I wake up and the phone is fully changed, others it has stopped charging in the night and the phone is dead. The same thing for the one on my desk. It will be charging and then I see that either the blinking red light comes on (meaning the phone is not compatible which is ridiculous because it works with the phone) or the red non blinking light comes on which means it is not charging anymore. No, I do not accidentally hit it or move it. It just decides it doesn't want to charge anymore. Since I have 2 units doing the same thing then I would say it is not just a bad unit. It is also very picky as to where you can place the phone on the unit for it to charge. Just for further info, I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phone with these chargers. Spend more money and buy a good one. These are very frustrating.
Charges my S7 quickly and is lightweight and easy to use Date: 2017-01-16
Everything it said it was! Charges my S7 quickly and is lightweight and easy to use. Just set my phone down and go. It works perfectly.
Cannot keep case on phone to charge Date: 2017-01-07
Its a cool way to charge your phone. The fact that i have to remove from a lightweight case to connect for charge is why it gets only 2 stars.
Seems to work great for my Samsung S7 Edge Date: 2017-01-03
Seems to work great for my Samsung S7 Edge. Charges fast. My only issue is that sometimes I have trouble getting the phone in the right spot for the light to turn blue and start charging. Other than that it does the job and I would reccomend.
Works great so far l bought 2 Date: 2016-12-30
Works great so far l bought 2. Fast delivery and just plug it in and set your phone on it easy peasy.
This charger works great for charging my phone while at work Date: 2016-12-27
This charger works great for charging my phone while at work. I can leave it on my desk, and if I need to go anywhere, I can just grab the phone off the charger and go. I dont need to worry about unplugging it, or finding cables to charge at all. I just drop the phone on the pad, and its charging. It works well even through a case, and even though I have the pad plugged into a quick charge plug, it doesnt seem to charge quite as fast as just the plug and cable. It still charges very quick, just not as fast as when plugged in directly. The lights on the pad are nice also. Its easy to just glance down at it to see if its charged all the way or not.
Nice Pad. Date: 2016-12-23
Very generous pad size makes it easy to target your landing when placing the phone on the pad. The soft glow LED really works. A great Qi Pad for a wide array of devices. Pair it with a smart charger for best effect.
Five Stars Date: 2016-12-20
Excellent product. Worked well with my Galaxy S7 Edge . Fast wireless works just as described
A good wireless charger for Qi enabled phones. Good build quality. Date: 2016-12-16
I have tested a lot of wireless chargers for Qi enabled phones. The charger worked well with my son's iPhone 6. What? An iPhone 6? That's not Qi enabled! Well, if you use a Qi adapter that plugs into the lightning port, it is. This charger charged as quickly as any other one coil Qi charger that I have tested. The charger is east to use. The status indicator is red when you are not charging anything, turns blue when charging and turns purple once your phone is fully charged. All in all, I highly recommend this Qi phone charger.
Fast charging works with Galaxy S7 Date: 2016-12-03
Item works as expected. Fast charging function works as it should. Only four stars because they do not include a high speed wall adapter. Yes they state it in the description, but still I think it should be included. PROS: I bought this charger based on a few youtube reviews I watched. This wireless charging device is small in stature, and has a "non-slippery" finish. I want a non slippery finish so that the charger and phone won't go flying off in different directions if I bump it. It's a nice compact size. About as big around as your average beverage coaster, and not very tall. It has one LED light, a small "power" symbol that lights up: red when there's nothing charging, blue when charging, and purple-ish when fully charged. Fast charging works, at least it does with my Galaxy S7. But you have to have a wall plug that supports it, and apparently cord that supports it. I tried a multitude of wall adapters & cords that I have around the house. One wall plug (the one that came with my S7), and 2 cords (I believe they are both OEM samsung) support fast charging as expected. I have one nice long cord (6 feet!) that says fast charging, but it randomly disconnects, clearly an issue with the cord and not this charger. Again, all of this would be avoided if they included a high speed wall adapter. CONS: There's no high speed wall adapter.
Just ok Date: 2016-09-28
It works fine if you place your phone in the right place with the right orientation, which isn't always an easy thing.
It's easy at night to answer the phone and be able ... Date: 2016-09-27
It's easy at night to answer the phone and be able to charge it backup when you're done without finding the court in the dark
Sucks that it wonk work with my case with the ... Date: 2016-09-11
Sucks that it wonk work with my case with the metal plate inside for the mount. I have to remove it from the case nightly.
Wireless charging, save your plugs!!! Date: 2016-09-07
I tested this charger at home with a 2 port charger. The charger itself is some sort of rubberized material, not unlike a thin hockey puck. I think its important to qualify what you're charging, what charger you are using and even what cable you're using. The charger I'm using has 1 1 amp port and 1 2.4 amp port. The cable I'm using is a 3' cable that pushes full charge across that distance (you know, I should probably test that...) Onto this charger, the light on the outer edge lets you know #1 that it's on, #2 when you're charging and even #3 when the phone is done charging by the color of the light. Red is on all the time, Blue indicates it's charging, Purple indicates your phone battery is fully charged. I bought this charger for a discount in exchange for my honest review.
Great for Note 7 Date: 2016-09-04
Works great for Samsung Note 7, and is able to Fast Charge with the proper wall plugin. Can be a lil hard to center just right, but starts charging as soon as you get it right.
Affordable Fast Charger Date: 2016-09-02
Works just like you would expect! Great that it supports fast charging for Samsung devices. A lot cheaper than official samsung products that do the same thing.
slim design, quick charging feature requires proper QC 2.0 charger Date: 2016-08-30
Product arrive in a simple cardboard box. Charging pad and English user manual. Simple and slim design but yet still beautiful, works with Qi-Enabled smartphones. The fast charge feature requires a wall charger that supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 or above. QC 2.0 wall charger and Micro USB cable is not part of this package. There is this nice and soft light LED indicator on the charging pad. The indicator shines blue when charging, and turns into purple when fully charged. Overall, it is a nice wireless charging pad, light weight and slim in design. It supports quick charging feature with proper QC 2.0 wall charger. I like it very much. Disclosure: I received this product at a discount or for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I am not connected to the company or its subsidiaries, but more of a fellow Amazon shopper like you. This product review is based on my own observation and personal experience while using the product. I’d like to share it with you and hopefully a more knowledgeable purchasing decision can be made for any potential buyers. If you like my review and think it is helpful, please kindly click the "yes" button to let other readers know.
Great Little Wireless Charger Date: 2016-08-30
So I’m going to start off by saying I did receive this product for free or at a reduced price in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. Anything said are my opinions and mine alone. I was not told or bribed to give a high rated review. I will criticize things I don’t quite like. Like many others I also rely on legitimate reviews to determine whether or not I would like to buy something and that’s why I will always be 100% real with my reviews. I’m going to break my review into pros and cons and go more in depth. Pros : - Works great - The look is probably the most appealing part about it - Lightweight - Easy to detect my phone and begin charging - Has a light to tell you when it’s charging and when it’s not Cons : - A bit expensive Initially I thought this item wasn’t working but realized it was my Nexus 6 that was the issue. It had to be on a certain spot for it to register the charge. After I got that out of the way it was great. Charged super faster. I love the design because it’s modern and uses matte plastic rather than cheap plastic. Another thing I liked about it is that it’s extremely light so if you’re taking this to travel there is little to no bulk that’s added to your bag. As long as it works well, which it does, then I highly recommend this product Thank you for reading my review. I hope something in my review helped you with your buying decision. If you have any feedback on how I can improve my review please leave them below and I’ll try to read them all.
The Wireless Charger You Are Looking For Date: 2016-08-25
Would highly recommend getting this fast charger. Bought this and another wireless charger to see which is better and Axgio won hands down for the following reasons: 1. Placement of the phone isnt as important as the other wireless charger I got as comparison. I can place my phone on this charger (with a case on) and it instantly starts charging. The other charger required me to place my phone on it very specifically or it wouldnt charge (had to move my phone on it 4-5 times and wait 3 seconds or so before it would start charging with the other wireless charger). 2. The base of the charger is flat instead of sloped which makes it feel more secure (the other charger I got felt like it would tip over if the center of gravity of my note 7 wasnt center) 3. It doesnt look it in the picture, but the charging surface feels a bigger than the charger I got as comparison. I didnt take measurements or anything but maybe it just feels that way because of #1 and #2. I was hesistant getting this charger because of the low amount of reviews but i am glad that i did since its better in every way compared to the other charger I got (and am now returning)
Fast Charger and Very Portable Date: 2016-08-21
I have this with my Note 7 for fast charging. As a student this works great since I can put it in my backpack and take it with me. It charges really fast and its easy to use. I did receive this item at a discount in exchange for an unbiased and fair review

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