AXGIO Backfit Sports Bluetooth Earbuds Secure Fit Running Earphone with Mic for iPhone, Samsung, iPad, Tablets and More

Price: $29.99 $45.99
Bullet Points
  1. Long-lasting Secure Fit - Featured with ergonomic ear hooks, flexible cable and optimized ear cushions, the headphones fit perfectly and stay firmly in your ears, thus provides a durable and secure fit in your daily training session
  2. Stylish and Concise Design - The earphone housing is slim and does not stick out like other headphones. Suitable length, on-board control and light-weight are aimed for less drag and more flexibility, keeps you nimble in working out
  3. Long Battery Life - Up to 6 hours of music playing time or talk time on a single full charge, battery status indicates on iOS, automatically turn off after 10 minutes when disconnection with Bluetooth devices
  4. IPX4 Waterproof - With IPX4 waterproof, the headphones withstand splashes in multiple directions, you can feel free to sweat and just focus on the rhythm of your breath in the gym
  5. Good Sound Quality and Passive Noise-Cancelling - With advanced Bluetooth V4.1, you can enjoy incredible and unparalleled sound. Built-in passive noise-cancelling allows you to enjoy clear voice through the mic during hands-free calling

Sporty and Ergonomic Design
The ergonomic design and adjustable flat cable that ensure you wear them comfortably. And give you lasting comfort and stability, enable you to enjoy running, hiking, and jogging etc.

Slim and Lightweight
With the slim compact design and optional adjustable eartips, you are supposed to enjoy your workouts freely for a long time without ear fatigues. 

Long Battery Life
Up to 6 hours of playtime (on 50% of volume), give you constantly sound with wireless, and release all your passion during a long training mission. 

IPX4 Waterproof
With IPX4 Waterproof, the headphones can withstand splashes in multiple directions, you can feel free to sweat and just focus on the rhythm of your breath in the gym. 

Good Sound Quality and Passive Noise-Cancelling 
With advanced Bluetooth V4.1, you can enjoy incredible and unparalleled sound. Built-in passive noise-cancelling allows you to enjoy clear voice through the mic during hands-free calling. 

   Bluetooth version: 4.1
   Bluetooth range: 10m
   Profile supported: HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP
   Music & talk time: 6 hours
   Charging time: 1-2 hours
   Charging port: USB cable
   Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
   Weight: 18g
Stellar Performer in Both Sound and Comfort Date: 2017-01-01
About six months ago in July 2016, I had purchased the Plantronics BackBeat Fit  and had given it a positive review. So I was intrigued when I ran across the AXGIO because it appears similar in design and name. However, in terms of the features that matters the most the AXGIO is a worthy competitor to the BackBeat Fit. Over the past year, I have tried many headphones that feature the behind the head design. Most of them have been very rigid and uncomfortable. Both the BackBeat Fit and the AXGIO, in contrast, are quite comfortable to wear. Regarding function, the Bluetooth paired up easily, and I was able to enjoy wearing it while shopping the other day. The most striking thing about the AXGIO is its sounds qualilty. It is very full, deep and immersive. Moreover, yes, the bass definitely kicks. Try it. I have no doubt that most people will like the way their music powers its way into to you head. Now, there are two differences between the AXGIO and the BackBeat Fit that are issues for me: 1. Whereas the BackBeat Fit is ''open air'' and designed to allow you hear what's going on in the environment, the AXGIO Backfit is pretty closed and isolating. Most people gravitate toward that isolation, but I prefer to let outside sound seep in so that I can be aware of my envinroment. 2. Design-wise, I am not all that fond of the boxy modules that the AXGIO has hanging from your ears. I prefer the more curvy design of the BackBeat Fit. Nevertheless, I am giving the AXGIO 5 stars because it's a stellar performer in the areas that matter most, i.e. sound and comfort. Not only that, at less than half the price of the BackBeat Fit, I would say that we have a winner here. The two issues I've mentioned above are more a matter of taste and probably will not be a factor for most people.
These headphones are great for working out Date: 2016-12-27
These headphones are great for working out. I have used a lot of bluetooth headphones, because none of them seem to stay in place while running. These are much better than some of the others I have tried. The sound is very loud, and clear, and the ear buds are comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. These hold a connection to the phone very well. I havent really tried them far away from the phone, so I cant tell how far the signal goes, but just for running with a phone in your hand, they work great.
Great set of Bluetooth headphones Date: 2016-12-23
I ordered the sports blue tooth head phones from axgio because I wanted a nice pair of ear buds to use while working out and didn't want a cord to get in the way. These headphones were easy to link to my cell phone and work great and give me a great sound too. They do everything I have asked for in Bluetooth headphones and I am very happy I ordered them.
Awesome High Grade Ear Buds!! Date: 2016-12-17
I am a mom of 5 kids a nurse and a full time nurse practitioner student, so I am constantly looking for products for my kids, not for just for myself, but for my friends and family. It is versatile and durable. I am a mom of 5 and we are an electronic family so I am always looking for quality headphones to isolate the noise. I am always in the need of head phones and ear buds. I love the look and color of these! They are so comfortable and have great audio quality. They connect easily and they come in nice packaging. I love the durability, versatility and quality of the product. They have different ear pieces for different ear sizes which is great. These fit great on my kids and on my head which makes them easy to use. They were very easy to adjust and came with clear instructions. They have great sound quality. The Bluetooth range is great !! I like how comfortable they fit my ears the most!! This item is of high quality and durable and versatile and can match to just about anything. I love this product!! I would recommend this to everyone and anyone, this would a great gift for all occasions.
Works well! Date: 2016-12-13
I always go to the gym (harsh environment) to tried these type of headphone. This Bluetooth headphone sounds not bad and it is hard for me to tell that it is using Bluetooth as the link. The earpieces stayed in place while I am running, thanks to the well fit ear plugs (good selections). I can tell you that I sweat a large amount when I work out and that did not have an effect on the sound of the headphone. Charging is done by using the included micro USB cable, paring these with Bluetooth is also easy and completed in under one minute. I have paired this headset with a Nexus 6, PC and my TV box and up to now did not have any issues. I gave it five stars because it does what it says, it's well constructed and seem like it will last a very long time. Lastly, if it breaks or any other problem, I'll bring up to date this review.
Great headphones! I am always looking for a good ... Date: 2016-12-09
Great headphones! I am always looking for a good pair of headphones to wear while running and walking. Especially one that doesn't fall out of my ears of slip while using them. These are great! They come with a cute little round case that is firm so that it will not bend or damage the headphones. There is also a charger for them that it comes with. They are comfortable to wear and the bluetooth works well. Some people do not think they stay in your ear well, so that is probably person by person because they work well for me. No complaints here!
Very comfortable and easy to use... Date: 2016-11-08
Great sound from these headphones.. Very comfortable in your ears.. Can't tell you have them on, works great with my iPhone 6 The sound is very crisp and clear.. The mids are outstanding! The bass could be better. But for the price pretty good stuff.. I did a product review of them on my YouTube channel I can't post links here but the channel name is Shiny Knife check the video out for a full review..

Could these be worn inside a motorcycle helmet? I would like to know how well the noise cancelling would work against the wind noise?...thanks
By: Date: 2017-01-04
Do the headphones allow you to initiate a request to Siri with the buttons?
By: Date: 2017-01-04
Is it possible to display device battery level on the note 5 phone? I know some bluetooth devices use has [bluetooth battery service].
By: Whittley Tucker Date: 2017-01-03
Is there some type of button on the earbud itself that I can press to answer calls or pause music/audio books without having to open my phone?
By: Michelle L. Date: 2017-01-03
How's the quality of it on phone calls?
By: Lyse Pamphile Date: 2017-01-02
Can I use this Headphone to Skype through computer instead of smartphone ?
By: Katharine Wall Date: 2017-01-02
Is this sweat or water proof?
By: Bruno B. Date: 2016-12-29
How many devices does it connect with this headphones? In other words, does it register connect to iPhone and iPad.
By: brittani Date: 2016-12-29
1 iPhone sometimes no working with iPhone I need to off my iPhone for the problems
By: brittani Date: 2016-12-29
I have it set up with iphone and ipod. Works well with either
By: brittani Date: 2016-12-29