The essence of AXGIO Brand is innovation, experience and continuous refinement based on users feedback.
As a leading internet brand, we consider you not only our customer but also our design partner.
We want to hear from you in every step of our product journey, from development and sales to after service, so that we can improve our product design, feature and quality.
We also would like you to become our product ambassador, so you can share your exciting experience in social media to your family, colleagues, friends, and fans to encourage more and more people to enjoy our superior products and after service.
What is AX User's mission?
  1. As the first user to experience Axgio's new product, share your experience, feedback and improvement suggestions to us.
  2. Share your user experience to your family, colleagues, friends and fans and encourage more people to understand and enjoy our products.
What will an AX User do?
  1. Provide timely feedback of the products.
  2. Share AXGIO website and product updates to your social media network such as Facebook,Youtube,Twitter,instgram etc.
  3. Amazon is the prime sales platform of AXGIO, you are encouraged to share your experience as "Customer Review" so that more Amazon consumers can understand our product. We also encourage you to enrich our on-line content raise questions in Amazon's product customer Questions & Answer section, we arranged product expert to answer your question. If you can answer questions from others, that is even better.
  4. If you are a professional user in social media, you are welcome to do professional promotion for AXGIO.
  5. You are welcome to become an affiliate site for AXGIO. We can share profit with you.
What is the benefit of AX User?
  1. You can get reward points by sharing AXGIO, and points can be used for cash-back of orders.
  2. For professional review, you have chance to get a free product.
  3. For professional promotion or affiliate, you have chance to earn extra benefits.