Apply Free Experience

Welcome to our AX User Program. By joining this program, you’ll have chance to get Axgio products for free.
This program is composed of two parts: Professional Amazon Review & Professional Product Promotion.
You can choose any way to get the free product,the detailed information is as following:
Professional Amazon Review Professional Product Promotion
AXGIO Intention
This program is designed for gathering more information about what a customer thinks about AXGIO products, thereby making improvements for our products to meet customer’s satisfaction.
Participants Responsibilities
Have anything to say about our products?
Tell us through this channel, always share your honest opinion, which is very important for both AXGIO and other customers.
Voluntary and unbiased reviews are deeply welcome, meanwhile any unwilling, defamatory or mendacious feedbacks will be strictly banned.
AXGIO Intention
We’re always looking for influential people to help raise awareness of our brand.
Participants Responsibilities
Participants are expected to share their experience/knowledge/reviews about Axgio products on three forms:
articles, pictures or videos, you can choose any one you prefer.
And the result must be posted online, SNS, forum, youtube or other sites.
Note:Compare to Professional Amazon Review, Professional Product Promotion would be stricter to get approval, but would obtain more benefits.If you have enough influence, apply please!